Fair Fashion Week!

Dear Friends,
this week, we dedicate ourselves to a topic about something that I can’t believe I have to explain what it actually means: Fair Fashion. It’s true, most of worldwide made fashion is NOT fair. Fair in this case means a lot of things: It means being a reasonable product, made from people with freedom, made of materials that doesn’t cause pollution, made for everybody who wants to wear it and sold for a fair price. Most of these attributes fail when being examined precisely. We feel we need to gather some information for you about the most important topics, to help you understand what it is all about, why it is important and, how you can change your wardrobe. With our “Fair Fashion Week” we join the “Fashion revolution week”, initiated by the @fashrev foundation after the devastating catastrophe at Rana Plaza where a 8 story textile industrial building collapsed and buried over 1000 people.
As a beginning, here’s a small fictitious interview with me. Enjoy! Tomorrow, we continue with the topic 'Labour and nature‘.


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