How a collection is born

This is the part of my job which I like the most: Starting with a blank canvas, creating a new collection. Starting with colours and ideas, I work forward until there is a basic list of styles I want to make. Afterwards, I look for inspiration and fabrics, think about graphics and labels and try to find somebody, who can do it as I’m the worst graphic designer in the world. Putting it all together is the best part. Sometimes it’s hard to find the right colour combination, the best detail or fabric, but most of the time, I can make quick decisions. After it’s set how styles should look, it’s necessary to know how they should fit. I don’t do the cuttings myself, I just make tables with measures and try to figure out if these would fit. Having gathered all the information and put them in a sheet, they are send to the supplier. After we have clarified all questions (and there are a lot!) they start making protos, I comment them until a style is perfect in my eyes. And then: repeat! And yes, this is a lego brick I found at my grandmother’s house. I liked the colour, so I took it and will use the colour for the new collection. Just keep your eyes open, inspiration is everywhere!

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