Manitober is a sustainable clothing brand from Hamburg. All our products are gender-neutral and made from ecologically and socially acceptable materials under fair conditions in Europe. However, we live sustainability not only in the aspect of ethical production, but also in an extension of the product life cycle. That's why we offer a lifetime return policy on all our items: after their use, they can be returned or sent back to us. We check the condition of the garments and then offer the customer a coupon, depending on the condition of the clothes. We repair and clean the returned pieces and then offer them back again as refurbished items – with a 12-month warranty.
Meet the team:

Anna Coridaß – Sales and Marketing

I know Marcus since our childhood. After a couple of years of working as an economist and with some experiences made in marketing, I devoted myself to my family and my two children. For me, re-entering into working life at Manitober was the ideal solution to combine my values and my competencies. I am responsible for marketing and distribution.



 Barbara – Rebuy Service 

I am Barbara and responsible for the rebuy section at Manitober. So I receive your (no longer) used Manitober pieces, refurbish them and bring them back into the cycle so that they can bring joy to someone else. In the past I have worked in various design and PR agencies as well as companies, including six years in Ireland. Our daughter spent her first two years there. I really loved the country and its people, but in terms of gender stereotypes there is still more catching up to do than here. If a girl doesn't wear a pink dress there, it must of course be a boy... That's why I'm happy to contribute my part to a more colourful, diverse fashion world at Manitober and also to combine my hobby, the sewing, with my work.



Iris Jonak – Communications and Marketing

I'm Iris, responsible for communications and Marketing at Manitober. Beforehand, I’ve been working in an agency for more than eight years – a time where I learned a lot but found little sense. After that I was responsible for the marketing of a Hamburg start-up initiative. With my work for Manitober I combine my love for sustainability and (childrens’) fashion. And have children – one of them is a little boy with long blonde hair and his favorite color is purple. We’re often confronted with old fashioned gender clichés which leaves us quite frustrated. One more reason why I support Manitober as an advocate of gender neutrality in kids’ fashion. 


Marcus Kraft – Founder and CEO

I'm Marcus, founder and CEO of Manitober. After more than ten years in the clothing industry, I founded Manitober in the fall of 2017 with a desire to do it better. Better in the sense of sustainable, conscious, fair, free. As a father of two children, I’ve had the chance to make many points of contact with children's fashion and have been able to observe what needs parents have and what I missed myself. Since then, Manitober stands for me as an alternative to commercialized mass products far from pre-defined gender definition. Manitober should offer parents, families, friends a sustainable, fair alternative and sees in our children an open-minded, tolerant and courageous new generation.


Nina Lück – Communications and Editorial

I am Nina. I graduated in german literature and history and since August 2020 I am also a midwife. After a few years as an online editor and project manager in the agency world, I developed the wish for a more meaningful work with more meaningful clients. So in Summer 2017, I started my training as a midwife and in 2018 also started supporting Marcus and his idea with Manitober as an editor. I am responsible for press, public relations and editorial/social media matters. 


 Lilly Zumholte - Creative Content Producer

I'm Lilly and I've been responsible for content production and online marketing at Manitober since March 2022. I've had a desire to work in fashion for as long as I can remember, but at the same time I had too many other interests to take it so seriously that by my late twenties I would have already seen the inside of every fashion editorial office. Instead, I first finished my degree (in cultural and sustainability studies), worked as a copywriter and in music PR, and started my own label. Here at Manitober, I can now combine what I particularly enjoy: working strategically and creatively at the same time for a meaningful product.

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