What is RePack?

With Original Repack, a reusable packaging concept from Finland, we are expanding our packaging concept and our efforts to produce as little waste as possible within our supply chain. The mailing bags are embedded in a circulatory system: If you receive a shipment in a repack, you can either use the bag for a return or fold it up and put it in a mailbox. It will then be sent back to the Repack Center free of charge, cleaned and put on the market again. A bag has an average of 20 cycles and thus saves a lot of CO². The material can also be recycled afterwards. Find out more about CO² reduction here.


What are my benefits?

For the use of the system and packaging we as Manitober have to pay about 3€ per repack. The additional costs have to be covered by you, but after successfully returning the repack you will receive a discount code of 10% for your next order in return. So it’s already worth using the RePack with a new order of just 30€. The voucher should of course also motivate to send the mailing bag back, because this is the only way the system can work properly. But if you still want to keep the bag for a while, that's fine – they can come back at any time, e.g. with our articles if you use our rebuy concept.


How do I receive a RePack delivery?

Shop in our online shop as usual. As soon as you start the payment process, you can select RePack as the packaging option for your purchase.
After the purchase process has been completed, your order will be processed and will reach you in a reusable RePack instead of a single-use box. You can remove your goods and fold the empty RePack into the next post box – an address is already on the RePack. As soon as the mailing bag has arrived at the RePack center, you will receive a 10% voucher for your next purchase with us.


How do I return the empty RePack bag?

You can simply fold the empty RePack and throw it into the nearest post box – the address of the RePack depot in Tallinn is on the flap on the bag. It must be visibly unfolded. As soon as the shipping bag has arrived at the RePack center, you will receive a 10% voucher for your next purchase from us via email. This can take up to 14 days. Take also a look at the graphic below.


How do I return a package with RePack?

If something doesn't fit you as it should and you would like to send your order back to us, it is best to use the RePack for this as well. Close the RePack with the fastener and some tape. The tab with the address of the RePack depot in Tallinn must be folded inwards to not be visible.
Stick a return label with the address of our warehouse on the front over the adhesive tape and take the RePack to your nearest parcel acceptance point. Please use our returns portal to create a shipping label. Take also a look at the graphic below.

General information on returns can be found here.


I sent my RePack back some time ago, but haven't received a discount code yet. What can I do?

Each RePack has an ID number that is assigned to an order. If you send the RePack back to the depot or as packaging for your return to our warehouse, it can take a few days until it has been registered and assigned to you and for you to receive an email with the discount code. If you still haven't received an email after 14 days, please contact our service team.


Is it still sustainable to send the used RePacks back to the depot in Estonia?

Every used RePack goes back to the RePack depot in Tallinn, where it is cleaned and put back into circulation. Despite the long travel of the bag, this concept is much more sustainable than using a single-use cardboard box. Because for every returned RePack there is no need to produce new packaging and then dispose of it. The RePack bag is folded up and sent back in letter format after use – thrown into a mailbox. Based on data from the International Postal Company, sending a letter has a carbon footprint of 36 grams of CO² per item – that's equivalent to an email with a large attachment. Since a bag can be recycled up to 20 times, RePack is a good and simple solution to reduce waste and CO² emissions.

You can find more information about RePack's carbon footprint here.

 Repack how it works