The Manitober Transparency Report is here!

Transparency – a concept that is close to our hearts at Manitober. We consider transparency to be an essential building block for honest and holistic sustainable action. You have heard this from us many times before, but we never tire of mentioning it. 

On, by the way, you can find the terms transparency and comprehensibility as a meaning for readability, as well as a synonym for sincerity. That actually says everything about this word.

After almost five years since Manitober was founded, it was important for us to take stock of all the information currently available to us. The result is our first transparency report, with which we want to share the status quo, our goals, visions and wishes for an even more tangible open Manitober with you – bundled in one document. 

Through our open and honest communication, we also want to empower you to make good (purchasing) decisions with a clear conscience and conviction. 

Of course, we are far from having reached the end of our journey – we are also drawing attention to this with this report. But we would be delighted if you would continue to accompany us on this journey.

So now, enjoy this colorful work – if you like in one piece or in stages, it's up to you. We hope you enjoy it and look forward to constructive feedback and suggestions.



Please not that the report is (for now) just in german 

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