Our quality standards

From our findings, as experienced clothing technicians, we must admit that the term 'high quality' may be subjective. One may define it different than the other. Our subjective definition of high quality can be described through the following attributes:


Most people don’t look for qualifiers like a good fit or design in a fashion item. The wearer simply thinks an item doesn’t fit because of their own physical build or proportions. But most of the time a bad fit means it’s a compromise in the pattern development that has been made by the manufacturer. We try to obtain those attributes mentioned above. Moreover, we would love to make our subjective attributes to become objective qualifiers for high quality clothing.

You could make compromises, for example in workmanship. When it comes to seams, we choose from a wide range of fine seams to make sure you don’t have distracting or open seams after a few rounds of being worn, used and washed. That means a little more effort and additional time for us and higher costs for you. We don’t make compromises when it comes to reasonable seaming procedures. Not for the reasons of Costs.

Children don’t worry about dirt and how it affects their clothes when they jump into a mud puddle. And they shouldn’t! That’s why our products are made of materials that meet the requirements children need. This not only includes a long durability but also best care properties for their favorite clothes.

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As we know, children grow up fast – that means that a fashion item can fit perfectly for less than two weeks. You can extend this short period by considering a few things while buying clothes for your little ones: Body and head don’t grow as fast as arms and legs. That’s why we measure our items specifically at these points a little bigger than needed. A child is always on the move. That’s why we focus on a sporty design. A little more fabric here and there for a pleasant wearing comfort and room for movement.

Design is a matter close to our hearts. We want our products to achieve the highest level of productivity but at the same time we want a contemporary, modern and stylish design. That’s a big obstacle! We don’t want to make compromises between function and good looks. An item only gets produced after we made sure to have overcome this obstacle. But in the end of the day fashion is subjective and there’s no accounting for taste. ;)

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