Vegan products, free from any material or additives of animal origin.
Recycled Wool
Made from yarn of old knitted sweaters. 97% less impact on the environment than virgin materials.
Rescued Fabrics
Fabrics from overproductions that we rescue from disposal.

Pieces that we offer for kids as well as for grown-ups to complete your partnerlook. 

Made in EU/Portugal

All our products are sustainably made under fair conditions in Portugal. We support fair working conditions, close collaborations and a short supply chain.

Rebuy/Circle Economy
With our rebuy policy we offer to send back worn off clothes or articles that might have gotten too small/short. Depending on the state of the item customers receive a refund from us. The items will be cleaned, repaired and sold as refurbished items in our onlineshop.  

Certified clothing standard applied to the Global Organic Textile Standard. More information about the certificate here.

Plastic-free Packaging

Our supply chain from manufacturer to customer is completely plastic-free since 2019! We also offer a delivery with Original Repack.