Anger, joy, exhaustion, loneliness, happiness, contentment, cheerfulness, dejection.... Children have as wide a range of emotions (if not much more varied) as we all do. Yet – often children are asked to be kind, to fit in with society, and please, no tantrums! We ourselves after all, usually respond with a well-behaved "Good!" when asked how we're doing.

We at Manitober think that this is somehow wrong and does not correspond to reality. We have always made it our goal to bring social issues that move us to textile. Be it promoting diversity and inclusion with our All X Are Beautiful line, our Period t-shirt for normalizing menstruation in everyday life, etc. 

This spring, we want to bring more focus to mental health – because it is long overdue and our mental health has suffered a lot in the last few years of the pandemic. 

Especially in recent years, the need for psychotherapeutic support has increased significantly, both for children and adults. Unfortunately, the lack of available therapy places makes the situation all the more difficult for all those affected. What can we do here and now to support our environment?

We think we should practice more in finding a place, even in our own circle, where we can talk about our inner selves – and be heard. For children, this is even more difficult. The psychological and psychosocial stress caused by Lockdown and Co. have left their mark, as the federal government's final report also showed.  

It is therefore all the more important that we talk to each other, listen to the children and give their diverse feelings space.

In a performance-oriented society with eternal self-optimization in mind, one can rarely afford negative emotions. Many parents are sometimes up to their ears with stress somewhere between salary and care work, but children also have to find their place in society and sometimes run the risk of being overheard.

That's why we would like to dedicate our current campaign to the topic of Mental Health under the motto CLUB OF ALL FEELINGS.

In cooperation with the Hamburg-based illustrator leelacat, we have put different feelings on our clothes. Whether it is anger, loneliness, cheerfulness, or whatever everyone may recognize in the different depictions – it is important to us that the most diverse feelings have their right to be shown. 

With Eva aka leelacat we have a companion on our side, who is exactly the right person for this. In her work she has been dealing with themes like identity (crises), depression and social injustice for a long time. The genderfluid figures in her art address friendship, anti-normative relationships, and everyday struggles – and we think that's a good fit for us.

So our line now once again shows what we stand for. We want a society that is a safe place where we support ourselves and our children to give space to all feelings and to be caught up in it, in the Club of all Feelings.

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