A week of self reflection

In this Fashion Revolution Week, which stands as a reminder for a fair, more sustainable clothing industry, we told you a lot about our boiled wool products and hopefully shed a little more light on our textile value chain.

Using a boiled wool product, we were able to explain how many steps are required in the manufacture of such a textile to turn a piece of wool into a portable, long-lasting product.

Starting with the question of under what conditions and with what steps the raw material wool is obtained into a knitable yarn.

Then all about the processing of the material: wool is dyed, the dyed yarns are knitted into a long scarf by knitting machines and then drummed with soapy water, heat and moisture.

After the subsequent cutting, we explain everything to do with the production:

In particular, we highlighted compliance with the following working conditions once again: payment of a living wage, social security, occupational health and safety, the right to organize, appropriate working hours, anti-discrimination and, of course, child labor is an absolute taboo in all of our companies.

GOTS certification is also an important part of our value chain. Through the standard, we and all those involved in the end product are bound by specifications that ensure that the product that is clad with a GOTS certificate is made of organically produced natural fibers.

More detailed information and also (in our eyes) expandable aspects of the GOTS certificate can be found in our post from 22. April on Facebook and Instagram.

We gave you a few tips all around the ideal care of your boiled wool item and we hope you can use them to give your item an even longer life. 

Nevertheless, everything revolves around our product and the goal within our value chain, of course (in addition to transparency towards you) about the impact we can make to use the resources we consume as responsibly as possible.

Of course, we refer to small adjusting screws that have to be used, such as plastic-free shipping or shipping with RePack, but also to our rebuy policy.

However, for us too, as every time something is questioned and researched more deeply, there was new knowledge and information that we couldn't  fully access. We originally planned to use one of our items of clothing to determine the CO2 emissions compared to a conventionally manufactured item of clothing.

Unfortunately, the situation was not as easy to compare as we would have liked, which is why we cannot provide you with anything concrete at this point. We also had to neglect the point of transport and logistics at this point because we did not find enough information and data to guarantee a reasonable and transparent presentation. But we will continue to work on presenting all points as transparently as possible and will continue to work on making the life of our products as fair and sustainable as possible. If you have any questions, suggestions or criticism, do not hesitate to contact us, because this is the only way we can continue to set a good example and minimize the impact of our clothing.

We are therefore planning the following measures in the near and distant future:

  • Impact

Determination of the impact: Calculation of CO2 and water consumption for all products (with possible compensation option)

  • Certifications

Further certifications to have better control over processes that are further away.

  • (Social) standards

Implementation of binding standards at our suppliers for complete transparency of working conditions.

  • Returns

Better tools to find the perfect size to reduce returns.

  • Sustainability Roadmap

Transparent, constantly updated presentation of our efforts for more sustainability

  • Circular system

Expansion of the rebuy policy and simplification of returns and purchases

  • Repair/Reuse/Recycle

Starting at the design stage, we think about repair and disposal, we want to give you more options to use our products for as long as possible.

  • Questioning structures

We do not stop trying to change existing structures that promote discrimination, exclusion and inequality!

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