Compensating my CO2 footprint

Slowly but surely we are in the last phase of preparation for our new collection and all the other stuff that we have to organize in Portugal. One of the things will change is our packaging – if possible no plastic and no unnecessary packaging. Since it’s always much easier to talk about and look at stuff directly I’m in Portugal on a regular basis – unfortunately via airplane. Since aircrafts are known to be the most environmentally harmful means of transport, I've been looking for a compensation option. There are numerous providers where you can compensate for your CO₂ footprint. You calculate your emissions and compensate and then deduct an corresponding amount for climate protection projects. What sounds like a modern indulgence trade, however, makes sense for the climate. By supporting climate protection projects, the amount expelled is then somehow balanced. I have decided to use atmosfair as it is an nonprofit organization that seems to work very transparently. But still– the general avoidance of CO₂ emissions is of course the most preferable compensation of. 🌱✈️🌍

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