Home alone

I’m away from home quite often… if it’s for business or for pleasure – most of the time it’s for both. This weekend it was me, who was solo parenting. Although our days away from the kids are not even, we both try to let each other have some me-time once in a while, while the other one takes care of the kids. I highly recommend it to everybody. In my eyes, there’s no reason for raising guilt in your partner or to be afraid to leave the other one with too much work for a few of days. Especially the ones privileged enough to have a partner to raise the kids with should make use of the possibility to give themselves a little space now and then. Some days just to yourself with a couple of good night sleeps is something your whole family benefits from. And a little absence can make you appreciate being home even more... Sorry why don’t we all just take some time off now and then? Trust your partner, everyone will be just fine... and as they say: “You can’t pour from an empty cup!”

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