.de = Digitales Entwicklungsland (digital developing country)

I've set up my business with the intention to be able to work almost none restrictions anywhere in the world. Actually. Because the requirements for this would be a reasonably fast Internet access and that is even some places in Germany already a hurdle, even with a cell phone with multiple sim cards. Here we are at the right entry point: Germany is the only country that bundles new mobile radio frequencies to the highest bidder - and indeed for billions. The high costs caused by that are put on customers, which is why mobile communication in Germany is still absurdly expensive in contrast to other European countries ... In addition, the companies then lack the money for a nationwide expansion of the infrastructure (although the expansions are actually subsidized) 

I don’t want to say that this will contribute to the gentrification of my neighborhood, but it will certainly mean that some companies avoid structurally weak regions. A vicious circle. Of course, there are also "stationary" broadband Internet, DSL, cable, fiber optics. The expansion of all technologies has progressed very differently, but is only in the midfield in a global comparison. The proceeds from the sale of the 5G spectrum should finance both broadband expansion and the digital pact, an offensive to digitize education. Apart from the dubious funding, equipping schools with media will be of no use. Sure, the generation of our children are "digital natives", but unfortunately they are not familiar with all aspects of the digital world. Precisely because the devices are now so user-friendly and intuitive to use, they lack the basic understanding of functionality, data protection and sustainable use. While one had to have some idea in my time when using a computer, the media consumption the main reason to use those devices. In addition, there is a lack of trained staff at all schools who deal with equipment and educational opportunities on a full-time basis. At the present, these tasks are mostly performed by teachers in addition to their educational mission. And of course it's like any state institution: salaries are ok, but ridiculous due to the high demand for IT professionals as opposed to the free economy. Germany is still one of the leading countries when it comes to innovation and modern solutions, but I think that will unfortunately change in the future. Above all, the issue of education seems to have drawn the wrong conclusions so far, and as long as we have reservations against immigration, nothing will change in terms of personnel issues. But where’s the real problem? Does digitization mean for the Germans to have Alexa in the living room or to have ones passport renewed online? Are gamers now potential offenders or professional athletes? Maybe it's the term itself: Digital. Main thing is it blinks ;)

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