RePack reusable package (


including VAT, excluding shipping

Delivery date: 3-4 working days

including VAT, excluding shipping

Delivery date: 3-4 working days

What is repack?

With Original Repack, a packaging concept from Finland, we are expanding our packaging concept and our efforts to produce as little waste as possible within our supply chain. The mailing bags are embedded in a circulatory system: if you receive a shipment in a repack, you can either use the bag for return or fold it up and put it in a mailbox. It will then be sent back to the Repack Center free of charge, processed there and put on the market again. A bag has an average of 20 cycles and thus saves a lot of CO2. The material can also be recycled afterwards.

What is my benefit?

For the use of the system and packaging we have to pay about 3 € per repack. You have to pay the additional costs extra, but after successfully returning the repack you will receive a discount code of 10% for your next order. So it already worth using the repack with a new order of just 30 €. The voucher should of course also help to send the mailing bag back, because this is the only way the system can work properly. But if you still want to keep the mailing bags something, that's fine – they can come back at any time, e.g. with our articles if you use our rebuy concept.

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