Introducing: The Manitober endorsement program

Superparents is a program that tries to promote a more sustainable lifestyle with the help of other parents. We see Manitober not only as a childrens’ fashion brand, but also as a platform to connect that helps us spread our idea of fair, gender neutral and sustainable fashion for kids.

Prerequisite for participation of in the program is

- that you can identify with us as a brand and share our values and principles.

- you are willing to promote our brand and the concept behind it.

The Superparent program is based on give and take. We offer our Superparents for their support among other things:

Free items from our collections for children and adults

- A permanent special discount of 25% on our entire range

- A discount for family and friends from digital and analog life

- A Superparents newsletter with exclusive special conditions and invitations to special events

For the sponsorship of the Superparents, we expect different things in return, which can be weighted differently for each Superparent. Possible considerations of the Superparents could be:

- You can reach as many people as possible with our message – online or offline, but beyond the inner circle. For example you have an Instagram account or blog with a certain range. Or you are involved in a club or a daycare center or have professional contacts with many other parents whom you can tell about us.

- You take high-quality photos that fit our visual imagery. You would agree to provide us with photos of you and your children in our styles. Your children don't need to show their faces. However, you give us full permission to use the images on our channels.

- Do you have any other ideas about what you can do for us? Excellent! Just let us know!

We would also like to receive honest opinions from all Superparents: You put our clothes through their paces and give us constructive feedback. This is very important for us in order to be able to improve and becoming even better. We also ask you to rate all of the products that you have received from us on our website as well as on Facebook and Google.

If you can imagine becoming a Superparent, apply to us via

Your application should contain:

- A short profile of you, what you do and why we should sponsor you for it. Don’t forget to describe your impulse, reasons and aims you are doing it for

- A current photo of you and your family

- Links to your social media accounts or blogs

- Number of kids including their, age and size 

We are looking forward to your application!