Introducing: The Manitober endorsement program.

Superparents is a program that tries to promote a more sustainable lifestyle with the help of other parents. Generally, we see Manitober not only as a kid’s fashion brand, but also as a platform to connect that helps us spread our idea of fair, gender neutral and sustainable fashion for kids.

We wish, that ‘Superparents’ who receive clothes from us in return put these to the acid test and give us constructive feedback. This is the only way, we can grow better and suggestions from customers are always a good idea. If you are fine with this idea, you would commit to promote our concept in your surroundings – offline and online. We require from Superparents to write reviews for our products on our website and on Facebook as well as we need to receive graphical material on regular basis, that we can use trough our channels. If you prefer, you can also send pictures where your child is not fully visible. If you can imagine joining the program, pls contact us via to check out the details. We would love to have you on board!

Your application should contain:

- A short profile of you, what you do and why we should sponsor you for it. Don’t forget to describe your impulse, reasons and aims you are doing it for.

- Number and age/size of your children

- Link to your social media accounts or blogs