As a small startup that has set itself the goal of being fully sustainable, not only concerning materials but in every aspect of their work, we face challenges every day. Estimating the order quantities for our collections is one area in which we reach our limits. We are currently growing rapidly, and with it the number of products we offer, the resulting demands and order quantities. Nevertheless, it is very important to us to avoid textile overproduction in a world that is unfortunately full of it.

To prevent that, we will offer the opportunity to pre-order certain products.

With the pre-order system, we have the opportunity to estimate in advance how high the demand for a product will be.

We only want to produce as much as you want. In this way we avoid unnecessarily produced products and at the same time unnecessarily used resources.

It also gives us the opportunity to estimate which articles are particularly popular and which ones are more of a collectors' items.

With this concept, the financing, delivery and satisfaction of you, the customers, can be improved.

We are therefore starting our pre-order with our most popular products, which have always sold out quickly and hope to be able to cope with your demand in a better way this time.

In this sense, everyone can benefit from it, not just us and you, but also the environment. Participate.

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