Transparency is the availability of all relevant information that is required in order to be able to form a self-determined opinion. These should offer customers the opportunity to decide independently whether a product meets their requirements – based on all the information provided about the value chain.

We try to disclose all of our processes as best as possible and to make all the steps involved within our value chain traceable. For this we would like to present our goals and visions clearly. That is why we are working on tracking our processes down to the last detail, creating price transparency and learning to understand the environmental impact of our products even better. We hope that this will give everyone the opportunity to make a long-term, well-founded (purchase) decision. We want to enable customers to be part of the real change – far from greenwashing and marketing promises. This requirement for us and our vision creates hurdles that we can partly overcome, partly not yet – we want to point this out too. We also maintain an open and transparent approach in our internal work, with regard to corporate decision-making and in our cooperation.

Consumption Awareness

We advocate the conscious handling of goods, the longest possible use of purchased products and their appreciation – for conscious and critical consumer behavior.

We are committed to creating awareness of the resources used in a product, to better understand the manufacturing processes and to show appreciation for the work involved. Consuming consciously doesn’t just mean buying high quality products. It also means considering a product in its entirety in advance – taking into account all relevant aspects before, during and especially after the purchase. In addition to transparency, this also requires knowledge of production, material, supply chain, care and disposal.
We pursue a pricing policy that can exist regardless of supply or demand – without calculated discounts, hidden costs and pre-planned wear and tear.


In our eyes, progress means ongoing social and technological change. We regard constant change as enrichment and therefore see further development as an indispensable requirement for our actions.

Social and technical progress are based on the willingness to continuously develop. It is therefore important for us to constantly examine our values ​​and visions and to compare our goals with the results achieved. We are convinced that real change (in the fashion industry) is only possible through constant self-reflection and critical questioning. Both efficiency-increasing developments and new paths within one's own sphere of influence are groundbreaking here. Building on this, we demand the continuous adjustment of achieved goals in order to enable a decent life and at the same time to preserve the natural foundations of life on a sustained basis.

Protect resources

Protecting, saving and appreciating resources – this does not only refer to raw materials, but to all components involved in production. We are motivated to establish this model in each of our areas of life.

The concept of sustainability is closely linked to the optimal use of resources. Resources stand for raw materials, human labor and time that are considered finite. We therefore demand responsible handling.
The goal of making a product durable is our concern. The resources used should be able to be used for as long as possible. With this in mind, we concentrate on high-quality workmanship, carefully selected materials and functional design. Our take-back concept also helps to extend the life cycle of a product in the best possible way.

Fair work

We demand fair and meaningful work for all people who are employed in the textile value chain. We want to set a good example in the area of ​​work and its part in our lives.

We do not see work as a main component of life and find that people (can) make a contribution to our conception of society in other ways. Nevertheless, every person has to spend part of his life to make his living. We want the relationship between life and work to be balanced for everyone, that everyone can do their work voluntarily and fulfillingly, and that it is fair, safe, non-discriminatory and fulfilling for the person in an individual way. We create a hierarchy-free working atmosphere with no claim to predefined positions. We promote individual personal development, make decisions in the form of participation and discourse and make sure that our personalities and needs are taken into account – without expectation, with self-determination.


We want a diverse, equal society in which people can live next to and with one another without judgment – regardless of gender, origin, physical constitution, orientation or belief.

We perceive the different ideas, perspectives and life plans resulting from diversity as an enrichment. Those who don't just keep an eye on their own living conditions can strive for integrative progress.
We reject any form of personal optimization thought in which people are prevented from contributing to a society due to their origin, their sexual orientation, their appearance or a handicap read from the outside.
We strive for a diverse society in which every person can and is allowed to make their own individual contribution on an equal footing.