Thanks for 2019!

When I said last year 2018 was a roller coaster ride, I obviously had no idea how this year would be! Starting in January at a very disappointing fair in Copenhagen, after which we were able to exhibit at the Blickfang in Hamburg again, the new articles  came in February just in time to raise my spirits again. In March we celebrated the first birthday of our showroom and in April we honored the victims of Rana Plaza with a special Fashion Revolution Week. So the year already promised some changes and that's why Manitober has expanded for the first time this year. Since this year I have also been able to count Nina and Anna to the team and together the summer went by quickly.

We were waiting for the new delivery for the winter, which unfortunately took much longer that expected - a real bummer. Thanks to our understanding customers who remained relaxed despite waiting for several months! Our first ‘right’ collection did not arrive in time, but was otherwise very well received. We banished all plastics from our supply chain and the rest of the year went very well despite all the adversities and my three weeks of absence. We want to take the spirit from this winter with us to take the next step next year: there is a lot on the agenda and we are just bubbling with ideas. Even if you could say that we actually only sell clothing, I hope that our view on the world, our pursuit to do things differently and not to orientate ourselves on existing structures can be a small, fine example. And we want to continue to improve in the new year, so whatever it is, overflow us with criticism and questions the shit out of us ;)

Thank you for being with us!

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