My thoughts on renewable energy

Last summer I was hiking in the Black Forest. The host of our hotel was a dedicated opponent of the construction of wind turbines on the surrounding mountains. Her reasons were understandable, but of course relatively short-sighted. The dispute over the construction of wind turbines in pristine landscapes is not new and goes hand in hand with the conflict between established energy companies and climate activists. One thing is for sure – renewable energy is the only way to reduce CO₂ emissions and still meet the growing energy demand. Quite certain, all those involved know this, but it is like so often: It is difficult to challenge the prevailing status and to initiate change, so far everyone has benefited too well.
The European elections have shown that climate protection is important to the people, and that includes a speedy renunciation of fossil fuels and the restructuring of the (german) energy sector. It is clear that climate change will only be possible if we rely on renewable energies in the future. If you do not have your electricity from an alternative energy supplier, you should take the five minutes and compare. Everything is automatic now and puts the established energy giants under pressure. And it’s usually not more expensive either! By the way, Manitober draws its electricity and also the CO₂ -neutral eco gas from LichtBlick.

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