Fair Fashion Week: Consumption

The last few days we have dealt a lot with the (re-)use of clothing. We have learned that the best clothes are those that have been worn before.
Nevertheless, it's also not to be dismissed that we sometimes want to treat ourselves to something new from time to time. Which brands can we then consider as a benchmark?
The ones we can recommend are of course known to the most, but we would still like to point out our three favorite go to's here: Patagonia, VEJA and ARMEDANGELS. All three brands disclose business activities in terms of economic activity and make their contribution for fair and sustainable fashion in their own way. After all, we should never lose sight of the fact that some major brands are trying to position themselves positively with greenwashing, just as there are brands that have always been sustainable, but are not perceived as sustainable brands. I'm always calling for the small, sustainable labels that are trying to fight the battles they see themselves confronted with in ​​the textile industry in a fair way. For example the outdoor brand names PYUA ECORRECT OUTERWEAR, where a friend of mine works. Originally a skiing company, paradoxically from Kiel, whose clothes have always been designed to be fully recyclable. In terms of workmanship, emission savings and responsibility, they are at a benchmark of sustainable outdoor clothing.
Also, I almost envy the girls from For Schur, whose great idea was make boiled wool out of old wool sweaters. Disposed garments are washed regularly and compacted to form a solid material, from which then pants, jackets, hats, etc. are tailored - each piece is unique!
Due to the strong shrinkage of wool, things are unfortunately not for children and adults too big - a shame! Finally, I would like to introduce you to the lifestyle brand JECKYBENG. A waterproof cotton jacket? Here you go!
As a general rule: keep your eyes open regarding production, find out how brands work, manufacture, produce and distribute, and in case of doubt - always ask!

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