Cultural sustainability

Did I mention that I'm tired of hearing the word 'sustainability'? The meaning has been washed so green that most people now associate it with environmentally friendly behavior, if that at all. And what that means is questionable in most cases. For me, however, the word goes much further. In my opinion, it includes all aspects of life that lead to the well-being of ALL people, not only on average, but in long term. This includes an intact planet, as well as safety and health. But if you think about it like this, there is one thing without which I would doubt my well-being and that of all other people. I think of cultural life. Our life without art, music, also sports in my opinion, language, history, fashion and all sub-forms and minor matters would be pretty boring and less worth living. It's not for nothing that there are e.g. film fundings, KSK, foundations and GEMA, whose basic goal is the promotion of cultural achievements. So if we want to live a sustainable life, we should be aware that this not only includes not destroying our planet, but also supporting what makes our senseless existence bearable;) With support i wouldn't mean financially in the first hand, but maybe simply by getting yourself to learn an extinct language, passing on your own knowledge about old cultures, telling the kids about the youth culture of your own childhood or a thousand other things that help to get the real accomplishments from us as human beings. In this context, I advocate a more conscious use of the word mentioned above and hope you can see the difference between "sustainable" and "well-intentioned".

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