All Fridays Are Beautiful

Anyone who knows us knows our attitude towards Cyber ​​Week, Black Friday and all wild discount campaigns that are disproportionate to deliberate consumption.

Every year anew, that one Friday after Thanksgiving, on which we are supposed to be very grateful for what we have, we have forgotten all that and directly are supposed to want more. Things we would buy if it wasn't cheaper?

That is the question that orbits us and that also makes consumption on that exact day so questionable. It's not that we have a problem acquiring items per se – we sell a product too, after all. Much more we question the necessity of buying things that have been specially produced or reduced for Cyber ​​Week.

Most of you know us and our values ​​and we assume you have a similar idea of ​​Black Friday as we do – that's why you're here.

Last year's Black Friday we decided to turn our backs on all the madness and go the other way. We closed our shop for regular sales for 24 hours and only offered reprocessed goods. A day in the name of sustainable consumption. It felt good, it was the right thing to do and so we decided to keep it like last year. There is an increased supply of remanufactured items available, everything else will not be available that day.

No extra produced items, no rock-bottom prices, but returned second-hand items from our customers: those who have already had one or two jackets, sweaters and trousers lifes behind them. They have been refurbished by us and are now looking for a new owner, who shares our values. The things stay in the cycle and are offered at a fair price.

The articles tell a story and had a small, previous life. We hope we can show once again that longevity, quality and consumer awareness are so much more valuable than a small discount kick.

In order to remain consistent here and since we are primarily concerned with conserving resources and extending the lifespan of products, we also send the refurbished items in the original RePack, a packaging that can be reused up to 20 times. We will cover the costs for this on this special day.

We hope this action is also in your interests and you might find something – if you need it, even beyond this day.

All Colors are beautiful

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Liebes Team von Manitober,
Habe euch heute im Netz entdeckt. Euer Gedanke ist super. Ich kenne das bisher nur von Schuhen. Die Schuhe unserer großen Enkeltocher kommen ins Geschäft zurück und werden mit neuer Sohle und neuem Fußbett bestückt, Nähte und Reißverschluss kontrolliert. So hat die jüngere Enkeltochter wieder Schuhe zu einem fairen Preis. Ich selbst nähe und stricke viel für die Mädels aus bereit gebrauchtem Material.

Schön, dass es euch gibt.

Liebe Grüße aus Österreich

Brigitte Vorreiter

Brigitte Vorreiter June 01, 2023

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